Thee Snufferer at work. Tasty tunes guaranteed.

Thee Snufferer at work. Tasty tunes guaranteed.

It all kicked off in 1983 with the Clash.  I just had to buy my first ever record on the school yard because I previously heard "Safe European Home" on the radio. 

The fact that I didn't own a record player at the time was a mere detail. 

Since that moment I have never looked back and developed a keen interest for 60s and 70s music via the usual suspects Powerpop, Garage, Punkrock , Oi!  and a brief excursion into Soul & RnB.  Then Two Tone came along and built a more solid foundation for my love of Early Reggae, Rock Steady and Ska.

I am currently the resident DJ and the host of RIGHT ON TIME in Cologne , resident DJ at the BANG BOOM BOSS Nighter in Oberhausen and regularly get invited to various events on the European Early Reggae circuit where I give my cherished collection of original vinyl a spin every now an then.


RIGHT ON TIME  is a small Reggae Nighter established 2011 in Cologne that stands for a fine night of Jamaican tunes played out on original 45s.  There's usually also a warm up in a local pub the day before where guests meet & greet over a few glasses of Kölsch and Jamaican tunes in the background.

Thee Snufferer is your host/ resident DJ and proud of inviting local &  international guests to play the best Early Reggae, Rock Steady and 6ts Ska they can dig out of their boxes.

Here's an overview of the great DJs, DJanes and bands that I have had the honour and pleasure to host so far and that all have made every
RIGHT ON TIME a week-end to remember:

Prince BellyBuster / Berlin (DE)
Prince of Peace / Munich (DE)
The Drifter/ Frankfurt am Main (DE)
The Rhythm Ruler / Berlin (DE)
The Roaring Twenties / Luzern (CH)
Thomas Eiene / Oslo (NOR) 
Tiny T / London (UK)  
Wicked Bighead / Troisdorf (DE)


Alex Copasetic / Hamburg (DE)
Alex Fireball / Köln (DE)
Annie O´Seven /  Wuppertal (DE)
Boss K / Berlin (DE)
Brick Top / Luzern (CH)
Count Crophead  /  Hamburg (DE)
Dani Straighten Up /  Barcelona (CAT)

DJ Amma / Reading (UK)
Dr. Gorgon / Nürnberg (DE)
Flo Dalton / Luzern (CH)
Frank Upsetter / Hamburg (DE)
Gary The Matador / London (UK)
Melodies of War / München (DE)
Peanut Vendor / Leipzig (DE)
Phil Bush / Lincoln (UK)